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We're a team of data driven creatives on a mission to help you scale

Our team is 100% in-house. This means you work with actual creative experts that work on your creative strategy and process. No VAs, no remote workers or non-native speakers.
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category-defining partners.

We've proudly scaled some of the world's fastest growing brands with best-in-class creatives. It's been a wild ride, and while there's so much more to come, here are some key highlights so far:




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OUR values

Combining world-class creative strategy, creators and performance data.

We believe ad creatives are a fusion of artistic and scientific principles.


Our approach to user-generated content brings genuine narratives to the forefront, crafting a content styles that truly converts. With 222, you're not just building content; you're building trust.


We make content that converts. We don't make generic aesthetic content that doesn't do anything. Our content is engineered to drive a tangible ROI and sustainable growth.


In the evolving digital landscape, data is our compass. At 222, we utilize in-house data models to guide our creative strategies, creating content that captures attention and drives conversions.

OUR team

Our senior leadership team

A fully in-house team of creative & growth experts from TikTok and a variety of DTC verticals.
Marco Staal
Max Haller
Michael Heller
Team Principal
Alastair Green
Strategic Lead
Olivia Sandak-Lewin
Senior Creator Manager
Elle Wilmot
Creative Lead
Laura Medley
Executive Creative Manager
Yoann Pavy
Performance Lead
Ross Goddard
Head of Growth & Strategy

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