case study

4.2% ROAS
$7mln+ in Sales Generated
& 39% Lower CPA!

Revolutionizing ad strategy to supercharge Huel's growth in both US & UK markets.

Some creative examples

Creatives that actually convert.

Their problem 🤔

Huel had high CPAs and weren’t able to scale profitably across paid social. Users weren’t taking action from the ad creatives.

They weren’t converting to purchase. Their CTRs and ROAS targets were far from being met. Things didn’t look good. This was for both the US & UK markets. This was causing significant concern with Huel, as their growth strategy had always been reliant on paid social ads. They were losing money from not being able to scale, and this was starting to stress the retail side of the company.

They had identified the issue correctly: they needed new ad creatives that converted within their target metrics. However, after testing several other agencies and trying to produce the ad creatives in-house, nothing was working. None of the ad creatives were within target metrics, and they were still not able to scale profitably.

Our solution 🛠️

Six months ago, we started the conversation with Huel and performed a full creative analysis.

We quickly identified what needed to be done differently, and explained our process and deliverables. Within a week, we started producing 30+ ad creatives in a trial package.

Huel’s standard procedure was trialing many agencies before commiting to a longer term package. We were effectively in competition with other ad creative agencies.

Huel were overly satisfied with the process of onboarding, creative analysis and strategy, storyboarding, and production. Ultimately, however, the results of the creatives are the only thing that matters. 

The result 📈

The results for the test?

Best performance results they had ever seen. CTR, ROAS, and CPA all exceeded targets. They were now able to scale profitably once again.

We ended up partnering with Huel on a longer term deal, involving 75+ creatives delivered each month.

We still work with them to this day. Performance keeps trending in the right direction, across both the US & UK, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with one of the world’s leading DTC brands.

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