case study

From Ground Zero to 90K Active Users in 3 Months

How our creatives allowed Mindstep to scale beyond product-market fit.

Some creative examples

Creatives that actually convert.

Their problem 🤔

Mindstep, a mental health app funded by Headspace, was launching their new DTC growth strategy

Their problem?

They were starting from ground zero. They had no mobile attribution, content, or even ad accounts set-up. On top of this, they had a fairly limited initial marketing budget.

They were willing to reinvest profit into the marketing budget, but of course this was reliant on immediate success and ROI.

Our solution 🛠️

We set-up ad accounts on Meta and TikTok, and used our partnerships with both platforms to speed up onboarding and app verification.

We started producing 90+ pieces of UGC ad creatives per month.

We produced content across each offering vertical, including Anxiety, Depression, Concussion, Dementia care, and Migraines.

We also produced content designed to live on their website, with the objective of increasing their conversion rate to the app store.

The result 📈

Within a week, it was clear the strategy was working. With limited spend, we achieved a CPI under £2. The best part.

These installs were converting to paying users at a rate of 28%.

After split testing all angles, it became clear that Anxiety was the highest converting segment. Once we made some campaign optimizations and allocated more spend to Meta.

We drove the blended CPI to £1.28, which held as we scaled.

This strategy ended up driving 90,000 users within 3 months.

And allowed Mindstep to launch their new B2B offering and scale to where they are today.

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