case study

A 132% Jump in Installs with a 74% Drop in CAC with a 7:1 ROI

Strategic testing, optimized creatives, and platform leveraging transform SPOKE's growth metrics.

Some creative examples

Creatives that actually convert.

Their problem 🤔

Spoke, a mental health app funded by the renowned Ada Ventures, was launching their new App Store growth strategy.

Their problem?

Their unit-economics per install were a mess. Their CPI was skyrocketing, content strategy wasn’t aligned with their brand, and their attribution wasn't accurate. On top of this, they needed improved metrics to raise again. The pressure was on. They were willing to reinvest revenue into the marketing budget, but of course this was reliant on immediate success and ROI.

Our solution 🛠️

The initial weeks involved testing different audiences, creatives, and captions. The Advantage+ App Installs campaign showed promise in delivering the lowest CPI. Focus was on expanding successful angles and leveraging specific ad hooks such as mental health-related creatives. 

Bid cap strategies were employed to reduce CPI in the Advantage+ campaign, yielding positive results. On TikTok, there was a noteworthy increase in installs, a decrease in CPI, and further spend allocation to capitalise on the platform's potential.

The data from the first nine weeks demonstrates a determined effort to fine-tune campaigns, pivot towards successful platforms, and optimise ad creatives. The consistent reduction in CPI and the substantial increase in app installs reflect a positive trend that aligns well with SPOKES' goals of raising funds from investors.

The result 📈

Over the course of the first nine weeks, there has been significant progress in reducing Cost Per Install (CPI) and increasing app installs for SPOKE. The data displays our dedicated efforts to refine strategies, optimise campaigns, and focus on creatives and platforms that yield the best results.

Data Insights:

Total Installs: The total installs progressively increased from 111 in the first week to 258 in the eighth week (with no ad spend increases), showcasing a 132.43% improvement over the first nine weeks.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): The CTR improved over time, with noteworthy fluctuations. Starting from 0.61% in the first week, it reached 0.95% by the ninth week, displaying an overall increase of 55.74%.

Cost Per Link Clicks (CPC): CPC values demonstrated a pattern of fluctuations, influenced by campaign adjustments and platform shifts. However, there was an overall reduction in CPC, with the Advantage+ campaigns leading in cost efficiency.

Cost Per Install (CPI): The overall campaign CPI showed a remarkable decline over the first nine weeks. Starting at £11.64 and £4.04 for the Advantage+ and TikTok campaigns, respectively, the CPI for Advantage+ campaign reduced by 70.6% to reach £3.42. Similarly, the TikTok campaign achieved a 20.8% reduction to £3.20. In addition to this we have found a number of ads achieving CPIs between £1.50-£2.50 showing promising signs to reduce the overall CPI even further building the bases to profitably scale the account.

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